Vino Patrino

Vino Patrino wine

VINO PATRINO (Godfather Wine)

Red Reserve 2009 (Bordeaux style)

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, and Merlot.

This is a very deep, dark, fascinating ruby wine with a mystic charm that erupts from the glass in the form of black cherry, clove, mulberry, and a hint of chocolate and black pepper.

There is a perceptible addition of Petite Sirah which leaves this wine impressively well-balanced. The tannins are punchy and give the wine a fruity, compelling consistency that draws you in and becomes addictive over time.

Good use of toasty oak with light hints of vanilla.

This is a reserve, bold, well-balanced wine that will satisfy any sophisticated palate. Enjoy it every day. It will, with the passing of time, age to greatness.

Great with cold antipasti (sopressatacapicollo, or prosciutto), parmigiano and many other sharp cheeses, or with a rustic beef stew. Various grilled meats and wild game or any pasta with ragù would be an excellent choice to pair with this wine.

Salute to Family!


14.5% ALC/VOL