Vino Patrino

Vino Patrino wine

VINO PATRINO (Godfather Wine)

Red Reserve 2009 (Bordeaux style)

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, and Merlot.

This is a very deep, dark, fascinating ruby wine with a mystic charm that erupts from the glass in the form of black cherry, clove, mulberry, and a hint of chocolate and black pepper.

There is a perceptible addition of Petite Sirah which leaves this wine impressively well-balanced. The tannins are punchy and give the wine a fruity, compelling consistency that draws you in and becomes addictive over time.

Good use of toasty oak with light hints of vanilla.

This is a reserve, bold, well-balanced wine that will satisfy any sophisticated palate. Enjoy it every day. It will, with the passing of time, age to greatness.

Great with cold antipasti (sopressatacapicollo, or prosciutto), parmigiano and many other sharp cheeses, or with a rustic beef stew. Various grilled meats and wild game or any pasta with ragù would be an excellent choice to pair with this wine.

Salute to Family!


14.5% ALC/VOL


Salute Wine

SALUTE (Health)

Red Reserve 2009 (Super Tuscan style)

A blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah.

Wonderfully and refined with compelling acidity.

A steady body wrapped in a vaporous tannin that knows how to seduce every palate. Ethereal and airy, even if the oak is a little accentuated. Within minutes it opens, evoking black cherries and other small, juicy red berries, blackberries, and a potpourri flecked with tobacco.

A well-calibrated wine in which you can sense the Sangiovese delicacy to the last drop. Ends very straight and clean. Very good to enjoy now; in few years it will be great and if you can wait a little longer, it will age to excellence.

But today, it’s a seductive and elegant young red wine that can be paired with many culinary delicacies.

From grilled meats (New York strip, filet mignon) to tagliatelle al ragù with pecorino cheese to a flavorful chicken cacciatore or a delicate fried dumpling soup and many other sophisticated gourmet dishes.

Salute to Health!


14.4% ALC/VOL


Amanti final

AMANTI (Lovers)

Red Reserve 2009 (Bordeaux style with an American accent)

A blend of Merlot, Petite Sirah, and Zinfandel.

This blend is simply astonishing. After 30 months of barrique it’s still incredibly fresh and proud of its own floral heritage, yet it’s the fruit at its core that is most intriguing. Aided by the toasty oak, it has developed into a sour, hearty, and complex blend that will never cease to surprise your palate with warm waves of cherry, pepper, and violet, all spiced with cinnamon stick and perfectly mingled with a gentle tannin.

The finish is cutting and persistent, making the wine suitable for simple lean to fatty foods. Enough for stirred or grilled meats, blanquette de veau (veal casserole), chicken and roasted potatoes, and many pasta dishes.



14.6% ALC/VOL


Amici final

AMICI (Friends)

Red reserve 2009 (Bordeaux style)

A blend of Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, and Merlot.

A splendid deep ruby, superb wine, clean and very well balanced, gracefully tannic. The wood is noticeably juicy, perfectly calibrated with nuances of subdued blackberry, cherry, and cocoa to create an attractive body. This wine has complex and earthy notes that are insanely intense .

It’s nature’s melody with a delicious and wonderful ending.

Great with any dish with chicken, curry and cumin, delicate to medium cheeses, foie grasratatouilleboeuf bourguignonconfit de canard, pasta with tomatoes or paella and more.

Petite Syrah

Petite Sirah wine


Red Reserve 2009

This Petite Sirah reveals deep shades of blacks and purples. At first it’s rich and concentrated while the structure and weight are mouth filling, closing with a long, complex finish. Thirty months of aging in French and American oak barrels contribute aromas and flavors of toasty vanilla that are well-balanced with dry figs, peppers, and hints of cappuccino.

The structure and long finish of this wine make it a perfect match for grilled meats, sharp cheeses, prosciuttosoppressatasalumi, and many others as well as rich pasta dishes. It’s a perfect for people who like wines with a full body.


14.7% ALC/VOL


Zinfandel wineZINFANDEL

Red Vintage 2009

Totally new, sweet, and delicious! This is our first look at this amazing new wine with exotic fruit characteristics.

A ruby-colored wine with a moderately aromatic nose of red berries, , sweet spice, and notes of cedar. On the palate it’s an explosion of flavors with low tannins and medium acidity melded with flavors of black plum, mulberries, fig preserve, and hints of cinnamon and vanilla with a long finish.

Excellent after a meal with chocolate cakes or any other dessert, or even enjoyed with a cigar.


Cabarenet Sauvignon

Cabarnet Sauvignon wine


Red Reserve 2009

A royal, dark ruby wine layered and sturdy as the King of the Wines should be. With various aromas and finesse, from black cherries and berries to toasty oak, vanilla, and some licorice.

The initial taste is little wild, then gently dry, full-bodied and plush with finely textured tannins and soft, dark minerals. As the tannins settle in they seem to increase in dimension, adding an additional fullness to your palate long after the wine was first sipped.

It’s good now—it will age to greatness!

This wine can be enjoyed with almost any grilled meat or stew, with full to medium body cheeses, with a hearty dish of pasta, or simply by itself .


14.5% ALC/VOL


Allegria final

ALLEGRIA (Happiness)

Red Reserve 2009 (Italian, American, and French alliance)

A blend of Nero D’Avola, Zinfandel, and Petite Sirah.

A sincere and apparently easy wine, indeed fascinating. The result of this blend is remarkably inviting. The bouquet is austere,  with flashes of ripe fruit that serve to expose this unusual blend. In the mouth it’s lean-edged, crispy, and intense. In the middle it’s slightly plummy with black pepper and moss. The finish leaves you with an intriguing echo of toasty vanilla.

A wine that loves lamb with onions and rice, braciole, meatballs, or caponata. Goes very well with pasta pescatora, various cheeses, and some gourmet meals.

Drink now and for years to come.

Salute to Happiness!


14.5% ALC/VOL