Cabarenet Sauvignon

Cabarnet Sauvignon wine


Red Reserve 2009

A royal, dark ruby wine layered and sturdy as the King of the Wines should be. With various aromas and finesse, from black cherries and berries to toasty oak, vanilla, and some licorice.

The initial taste is little wild, then gently dry, full-bodied and plush with finely textured tannins and soft, dark minerals. As the tannins settle in they seem to increase in dimension, adding an additional fullness to your palate long after the wine was first sipped.

It’s good now—it will age to greatness!

This wine can be enjoyed with almost any grilled meat or stew, with full to medium body cheeses, with a hearty dish of pasta, or simply by itself .


14.5% ALC/VOL